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The Principal Futures website aims to provide information about employment, volunteering, social, cultural and sporting opportunities and retirement issues for retired secondary public school principals and also those principals moving towards retirement from full time work.

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Could a retired principal make a significant contribution to your organisation? Public school principals are expert in a multitude of fields.

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Public school principals are expert in managing people, growing leadership capacity, building positive and diverse work environments, managing cultural, economic and social diversity and supporting physical and intellectual disability both in urban and rural contexts.

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The purpose of this site is to provide retirement information to current and former members of the NSW Secondary Principals’ Council.

Research indicates that the vast majority of these principals will engage in paid employment (particularly in the education sector), volunteering or other forms of ‘work’ in their post-retirement years.

Apart from disseminating information and advice about preparing for retirement, post-retirement options and employment opportunities, a major feature of this site is the many articles written by our own website members on such topics as managing your retirement, keeping in touch, understanding your post-retirement options, pursuing further learning and planning for tours and travel.

Please explore, contribute or enjoy!