The Bill Kennedy Medal

The Bill Kennedy Medal

The Bill Kennedy Medal was initiated at the 2008 Annual Conference of the NSWSPC to recognise the outstanding work of Bill Kennedy on his retirement from the position of NSWSPC Executive Officer. Bill was a long-standing member of the Council, including at one stage NSWSPC Deputy President and Deputy President of ASPA, prior to his retirement as Principal of Bulli High School.

After Bill retired he took up the role of Executive Officer of the Council. Bill performed this role for ten years, giving further distinguished and sustained service to the Council. Major hallmarks of Bill’s service included a passion for supporting the work of both the Council and principals for the good of NSW Public Education, provision of expert advice and wise counsel, and the tireless undertaking of his work in a positive, helpful and selfless way.

The Bill Kennedy Medal will be awarded to a member of the NSWSPC or a Life Member of the NSWSPC who has given significant service to the organisation over a sustained period of time. The person to receive the award must have given, in the opinion of the NSWSPC Executive, service of distinction and significant merit, in a manner that has invigorated and supported the principals of NSW government secondary and central schools and colleges.

Nominations for the Bill Kennedy Medal will be called for by the NSWSPC Executive in Term 1 of each year. Nominations should be forwarded to the President of the NSWSPC. Consideration for this award will be undertaken by the NSWSPC senior executive. The nomination will include a one page statement addressing the following criteria:

  • Current membership of the NSWSPC and/or holds Life Membership of the NSWSPC
  • Significant distinguished service and contribution to the NSWSPC over a sustained period of time
  • Service to the NSWSPC in a manner similar to that provided by Bill Kennedy.

The Bill Kennedy Medal will not necessarily be awarded each year. The medal, when awarded, will be presented at the Annual General Meeting of the NSWSPC by the recipient of the Bill Kennedy Medal from the previous year.