Need a Retired Principal?

Could a retired principal make a significant contribution to your organisation?

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School principals are expert in managing people, growing leadership capacity, building positive diverse work environments, managing cultural, economic and social diversity and supporting physical and intellectual disability in a wide range of urban, rural and remote contexts.

Our research shows that most principals continue working in some form or other even a decade after they have retired.  They can work fulltime, part time, casual or on contract. They can work with individuals or teams, face-to-face or online, on long term projects or short term tasks.

Retired principals offer a breadth of experience in meeting the needs of all members of the community. Their skills make them an invaluable resource for any organisation. These include:

  • strategic planning in the context of global change, planning proactively to maximise the potential of staff and students
  • managing and implementing organisational and system requirements including health and safety, risk assessment etc
  • consulting and collaborating with communities – particularly culturally diverse communities
  • managing inclusive organisations for those with disabilities
  • managing people and growing leadership capacity through leading comprehensive professional learning programs and building positive, inclusive work environments
  • allocating resources aligned with priorities and managing large and complex budgets
  • working proactively in public relations and promoting the work of their school community.
How to advertise a paid or unpaid work opportunity for a retired principal
  1. If you are a government department, business or other organisation interested in advertising a paid or voluntary position for a retired principal in your organisation, please email Cassy Norris or
  2. If you are a current or past principal registered as a member of the Principal Futures website you can easily send out a ‘p-futures’ email to all website members providing details of the work you have available by emailing it to   Alternatively you can email  Cassy Norris  or
  3. If you are a current or past principal not registered as a member of the Principal Futures website please email  Cassy Norris  or